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Retreat Weekends

Kristy is a professional cyclist, off road tri athlete and fitness coach.  She began her professional race career in 1998 while attending the University of Hawaii.   

Upon moving to the mainland, Kristy’s race career continued to grow with top 25 finishes in the National Mountain Bike Series.  She represented the U.S. at the Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships in France.  She also enjoyed multiple top 10 finishes in the Xterra Triathlon Series. 

In her home setting of Marlinton, West Virginia she now offers a number of lifestyle and fitness retreats that can be suited to your every need. 

If you need to establish season goals, start a pre season workout or need help with a training schedule Kristy can help with a personalized fitness based retreat.  

Please also feel free to complete our personalized retreat survey - this will allow us to give you the best service and ideas for your retreat.  Any completed survey entitles you to a free cup of fresh ground coffee upon arrival too!

Cycling and Triathlon Weekend Retreat

  • Friday evening – Sunday lunchtime
  • Nutritional menu included
  • Road rides, workouts, equipment discussion, group meetings

For more information on this dynamic offering click here.

For an introduction to the Ayurveda lifestyle, Kristy offers a weekend of practical applications, therapies and discussions:

Ayurveda Weekend Retreat

  • Friday evening – Sunday lunchtime
  • Nutritional and cooking workshops
  • Individual needs addressed
  • Meditations and therapies

For more information on this unique lifestyle retreat click here.

Here are more fitness and lifestyle options at the Dirt Bean…


This holistic modality focuses primarily on the hands and feet.  The practice is based on the theory that there are trigger points on the feet and hands corresponding to specific organs, glands and other important body parts.  By applying pressure on the feet or hands, congestion is cleared from the pathways allowing for healing and rejuvenation.  It may also increase circulation, reduce pain and enhance the healing cycle. 

Hour long sessions provide a painless and overall relaxing experience.

Fitness Consultation & Coaching

Kristy’s belief is that a good coaching relationship fosters communication and stays focused on long-term goals, while taking into account life's fluidity and dynamics.

Annual training plans with monthly and weekly schedules, establishment of training zones, nutritional analysis in additional to several complimentary therapies, and contact with your personal coach via e-mail, and phone will aid you in reaching your fitness or racing goals!

Nutrition Advisor

Everyone is biochemically different, and this is why our system relies on individual testing capability. Whether training for a triathlon or a 5K, our doctor on staff can evaluate your nutritional needs.

Our non-invasive system uses long-established Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) technology to create a detailed client profile called a bio-survey. This tool allows us to baseline as well as track client progress in all areas.

Email Kristy to ask for your personalized monthly training plan options OR to learn more about any service mentioned here!



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