Sales and Service

Giant Bicycles!

We are a full service shop.  We carry Giant brand bicycles and several lines of accessories.  Our repair shop can work on any make/model. 

Bike Rentals

$20/ half day  up to 4 hours  

$30 full day  4+hours up to 24 hour period

Our rental fleet is expanding this year to include a few 29er off road bikes from Giant and others from Giant perfect for rail trail or leisure touring.  Please call to see what is available and to inquire regarding rates.  We are working diligently to restock from the fire which closed the store in November.  We also rent Kona Africa bikes, three speed cruisers on steroids, perfect for rail trail.  They come equipped with basket and cooler.  Ask about a packed lunch.

Bike Labor Rates


Flat Fixes:

Replace inner tubes and/or tires

Wheels off bike $5

Wheels on bike with quick release  $7

Front bolt on wheels $7

Rear bolt on wheels with coaster brakes $10

Brake Adjustments:

Rim Brakes: Pad and Cable adjustment  $12

Rim Brakes: Cable replacement and adjust pads $15

Rim Brakes: Cable and pad replacement and adjust $18

Mechanical Disc Brakes: Pad and cable adjustment $15

Mechanical Disc Brakes: Pad and cable replacement $20

Hydraulic Disc Brakes: Pad adjustment $12

Hydraulic Disc Bleed:  based on $25/hour labor rate

Shifting Adjustments:

Front or Rear cable adjustment $15

Derailleur alignment, hanger replacement $25/hour labor rate

Wheel true:  $15-45

We do not carry many spokes to replace broken.  If you have more than one or have been breaking multiple on more than one occasion, it is time for a new wheel. We will do our best to accommodate and get you on the trail but due to our remote location and limited stock, we may recommend replacing your wheel with one in stock or fix as best we can while recommending a replacement at your local shop.  If we are your local shop and we don’t have a part in stock we will be happy to place on our next order.

Wheel Replacement:

Front: $10 includes swapping tire and tube from old wheel

Rear: $15 Includes swapping tire, tube and gears from old wheel to the new

Tune Up:  $45

Includes brake and shift adjustments, replacement of cables and housing, minor wheel true, adjustment of headset and bottom brackets if applicable, lubrication of chain.

Other Work

Estimates can be given for all other work based on a $25/hour labor rate.